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Your Twitter Bio Could Get You More Followers

Many of our clients are on Twitter these days…sharing pertinent info in 140 characters or less. But have you neglected your Twitter bio? Yes, that small box in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. Well, a study says having a bio influences the number of followers you have.

According to research by HubSpot, almost two-thirds of users don’t have a bio or link to their site listed on their Twitter profiles. Users with a bio had over 8 times more followers on average than users without a bio, and users with a link to their website had over 7.5 times as many followers as users without.

So, what information can you share about your company in 160 characters or less? Jeff Kelley of Capital Results says the Twitter bio serves as a way for people to get to know the person behind the company. You want potential followers to know you are a real person, not a robot. List some of your interests (football, romantic comedies, puppies, beach vacations). Or write why your company is different from others in your industry. Make it fun, intriguing and real.

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