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The SEO Benefit of Incoming Links

Incoming or external links play a big role in determining how your website ranks in search engine results. Here’s the idea behind it: search engines are looking for the most relevant website content to return to the user. If a website is linking out to your site, it tells search engines that your site is worth linking to and is a site that is on topic to what the user is searching for.

Having good-quality external links also makes your site stand out a little bit more than your competitor.

What are ways to increase my incoming links?

  1. List your website on reputable business directories which organize listings by location and/or industry type. Some we recommend are Yelp, Manta and YellowPages. Sometimes a quick Google search for “your industry + online business directory” yields some great, free directories that you can submit your site to.
  2. Have a friend whose blog content relates to yours? Ask to link share with her by adding a link to her blog from your site and vice-versa.
  3. Update your social media profiles with the link to your website. Social media is another really big indicator of how your website is viewed by others on the internet. If there is a lot of hype, chat or discussions about your website, then you are on your way to becoming an area of interest for the search engines too. Plus, many social media profiles are now returned in search results.

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